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Both American and European football leagues offer a lot of excitement for sports fans – which is why many of them struggle to find the best news for it. Especially when it comes to European football. But don’t worry, here at IFAF Europe, we always get to reporting about American and European football leagues, schedules and championships in a timely manner.

For instance, some of the latest European football news that shook everyone was the passing of Lord Brian Mawhinney. He was the former Chairman of the European Football League, and he died at the age of 79, after battling illness for some time.

However, there aren’t only sad news in American and European football, in fact, one of the news that we are happy to share is that the Rovers were involved in another dramatic turnaround. This comes after the fact that the weekend before, they threw away a two-goal lead, and ended up losing 3-2 to local rivals Preston. However, the next weekend, Blackburn fought back to win with two goals inside the last two minutes against Sheffield Wednesday. That was after they went a goal behind to the Owls in the 83rd minute.

The European Football League or shortly, the EFL is a tournament for European American football teams. These teams are affiliated to IFAF Europe, which stands for the International Federation of American Football – Europe.

Since 1986 and up until 2013, the final game of the EFL was the Eurobowl, and it was an annual European football tournament. However, the EFL was replaced in 2014 as the EFL bowl and the BIG6 European Football League were introduced as the new final games of the EFL.

Thanks to the EFAF governance, the best teams competing in American football in Europe can participate in numerous annual competitions, and the changes that happened in 2014 was because there was a need to allocate leagues and teams to 4 different divisions accordingly. Not everyone can take part in the EFL, as the national league champions, runner-ups and teams with international success are eligible only. However, the teams from the weaker leagues can take part in the EFAF Cup.

Another piece of news is that from 2017, the EFL Bowl winners can play a relegation game against the last-place team of the BIG6, and they can be promoted to the BIG6 if they win.

Another important change that happened in 2014 was the format. With the start of the BIG6, the EFL format changed dramatically. Unlike before, the six European football teams play in 2 divisions of three teams, and the winners of the groups advance to the EFL Bowl.



Euro bowl Championship – Info, Schedule and Odds

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July, 03-18

Another really important event for American football lovers is the Eurobowl championship. The 2019 ne happened in Austria, and hear hear, the next one will be happening in Poland – and the dates are released too. Apparently, we’ll see some of that action on the dates of 2-4th of October.

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Best European Players

If you are interested in American football, you shouldn’t only know the American players – in fact, there are a lot of European players that totally deserve our recognition for their contribution to the sport and their amazing performance. Of course, these are professional players and they seem to know what they are doing, so their success isn’t a really big surprise. However, although there aren’t many European players, there are some that deserve our recognition, and they’ve been on halls of fame too, as some even participated in the NFL as European recruits. Like these for example:

  • Jon Kitna
  • Terry Crews
  • Dante Hall
  • David Akers
  • Brad Johnson
  • Jake Delhomme
  • Adam Vinatieri
  • Kurt Warner
  • John Smith
  • Ace Gutowsky