The Budapest Wolves is the oldest, biggest and most trophy American football team in Hungary. Wolves highlight that American football is their passion, which leads to their goal of competing at the highest level in Europe.


Program Age Head Coach
Seniors Over 19 István, Kovács
Juniors Under 19 László, Sóti
Youth Under 17 Gábor, Miakich
Youth Under 15 Nátán, Nemes and Balázs, Deák
Ladies Over 19 Dávid, Récsey


Championship Year Title
Hungarian Championship 2005, 2008, 2009, 2010,2012, 2015 Champions
Hungarian Championship 2013, 2014 Finalists
AFBÖ DIV2 2005, 2014 Champions
CEFL 2007, 2017 Finalists