Carlstad Crusaders made history with amazing 84-49 finals victory over SBB Vukovi Belgrade which gave them title at the Ledeni kvas IFAF Europe Champions League Final Four 2015 in Belgrade.

Event Results

Team 1 2 3 4 T
Carlstad Crusaders 21 34 22 7 84
Belgrade SBB Vukovi 14 14 14 7 49

Carlstad bravely entered this contest and, with one converted 4th down thanking to their bulldozer Brett Koep, finished the drive with Anders Hermodsson’s 7-yard touchdown pass to Harry Routledge. And that was just the beggining of their historic success.

Despite Myles Gates’ answer, with 10-yard-pass to Tony Washington, Swedes continued with their domination. Not just with their high-octane offense, as Hermodsson’s swing pass to Brett Koepp resulted with 60-yard score, but their special team also scored, as Hermodsson returned punt from the center of the field, for 21-7 lead.

It all looked like finished contest already in 10th minute, but before the end of 1st quarter, Tony Washington made Vukovi bite once again, as his reverse resultet in 53-yard-touchdown.

Carlstad continued with their style in 2nd down, powerful offensive line allowed Hermondsson’s 6-yard scamper and, after Vukovi’s turnover, Brett Koepp’s 7-yard run for 35:14.

With three TDs down, Vukovi didn’t want to give up, not just because of their fans, but because of their dreams. So, yard by yard, they’ve marched and, finally, Gates on QB-keeper scored to reduce hosts’ deficit to 35-21.

But, it wasn’t all from Vukovi before half-time. For the first time they’ve stopped Carlstad offense in 17th minute, and minute later spectacular cacth by Washington moved Vukovi to 35-28. Still, it wasn’t enough to stop Crusaders from their crusade. Best offense that Belgrade ever saw, scored 56 points in first half, as duo Hermodsson – Koepp ran for 3 and 1 yard respectively, and Jacob Dahre’s catch behind Vukovi zone made it, almost unreal, 55-28 at the end of the half.

Crusaders continued with their offensive line’s domination in 3rd quarter, which allowed Hermodsson’s one 81-yard solo-run touchdown, and then second, much shorter (14) with shuttle pass to Koepp in 2-pt conversion, to build 70-35 lead. Hosts did their best, but despite Gates 13-yard TD scamper, answer came immediately, as Hermodsson found Jakob Dahre for 11-yard catch in the endzone.

Vukovi’s last bite came as Gates scored on 8-yard-keeper, but Crusaders’ reserve RB Christen Monclair 19-yard-run around hosts’ exhausted and overplayed defense, made the final result – 89-44 for Carlstad, new IFAF Europe Champions League champions!

1/4 – 21:14
7:0 – Anders Hermodsson 7 yard pass to Harry Routledge [Niklas Johansson PAT good]
7:7 – Myles Gates 7 yard pass to Tony Washington [Stefan Tesic PAT good]
14:7 – Anders Hermodsson 60 yard pass to Brett Koepp  [Niklas Johansson PAT good]
21:7 – Anders Hermodsson 50 yard punt return [Niklas Johansson PAT good]
21:14 – Tony Washington 53 yard run [Stefan Tesic PAT good]

2/4 – 34:14
28:14 – Anders Hermodsson 6 yard run  [Niklas Johansson PAT good]
35:14 – Brett Koepp 7 yard run [Niklas Johansson PAT good]
35:21 – Myles Gates 3 yard run [Stefan Tesic PAT good]
35:28 – Myles Gates 19 yard pass to Tony Washington [Stefan Tesic PAT good]
42:28 – Andres Hermodsson 3 yard run [Niklas Johansson PAT good]
49:28 – Brett Koepp 1 yard run [Niklas Johansson PAT good]
55:28 – Andres Hermodsson 14 yard pass to Jacob Dahre [Niklas Johansson PAT no good]

3/4 – 22:14
55:35 – Mihailo Josovic 4 yard run [Stefan Tesic PAT good]
62:35 – Andres Hermodsson 83 yard run [Jacob Dahre PAT good]
70:35 – Andres Hermodsson 14 yard run [Brett Koep 2 pt conversion]
70:42 – Myles Gates 13 yard run [Stefan Tesic PAT good]
77:42 – Andres Hermodsson 11 yard pass to Jakob Dahre [Jakob Dahre PAT no good]

4/4 – 7:7
77:49 – Myles Gates 7 yard run [Stefan Tesic PAT good]
84:49 – Christen Monclair 19 yard run [Jakob Dahre PAT good]