CL2015F4: Final Message From Belgrade, Very Strong One

CL2015F4: Final Message From Belgrade, Very Strong One

It was late. Night surrounded Belgrade’s place where IFAF Europe Champions League Final Four 2015 was played as lights were turned off. Still, there was one shining star, right there, at the roof of FK Vozdovac stadium. And it brought a strong message for all involved in American Football.

One man was in the locker room of new champions, Carlstad Crusaders. His face couldn’t bee easily seen. He was collecting all kind of stuff from the floor of empty room. When asked something in Serbian, as your reporter from Champions League Final Four was looking for guys from the stadium security, the dialogue started. Pretty interesting one.

“Aw, sorry”, the man said. “I can speak English, if it can help you…”

A moment of silence came.

“Coach… Coach, is that YOU?”

“Well, I am not head coach, and if you are looking for him, he’s…”

“No, no… I mean – YOU are THE coach? Dan Hawkins, head coach of Team USA?!”

“Well… Yes, that’s me”.

“Excuse me, sir, but… WHAT are you doing?”

“Just cleaning the garbage”.

“Sir… you are the HEAD COACH of national team of United States of America!”

“Well, I’m here just to help Crusaders’ offense…”, he said.

“I know that, sir, but… You’ve won IFAF World Championship just week ago, and you… you are cleaning the garbage!?”

“One must never place himself, or his success, above being humble”, Dan Hawkins said.

“Sir, but, you…”

“Second thing”, he interrupted the question, “… these young men from the team I’m currently part of, they’re so tired. They gave their best, and have right to rest a bit. They’re exhausted, so I’ll clean this, that will be my help”.

“Mr. Hawkins, but you shouldn’t…”

“And, third, this was always part of the job for the newest member of the team. Those are usually youngsters or rookies, but, right now, I’m the newest member of this team”, Dan Hawkins concluded with the smile, and continued to grab all kind of tapes, plastic bottles and cups, and put it into black plastic bag.

And, that was strongest message for all involved in American Football.

Stay humble.

Give your best to help your team.

Be ready for your role.

And, if you do, you’ll be a true star, even in the darkest nights.

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