CL2015F4: Vukovi Are Dreaming Of Historic Title

CL2015F4: Vukovi Are Dreaming Of Historic Title

Just 12 years ago SBB Vukovi Belgrade were founded, and on Sunday, at 4.30 PM local time (2.30 PM GMT) they’ll have a chance to win the title at Ledeni kvas IFAF Europe Champions League Final Four 2015.

After 35-28 semi-finals against London Blitz, there was nothing but the joy in Serbian team, and their coach, Brian Mayper, hopes his squad will avoid mistakes in the clash with Carlstad Crusaders.

“Feeling is great. This is what you were preparing for whole year. To get to the Final Four and, here we are, we have opportunity to play for the championship. And, in the finals, if we play mistake free, if stay good in those things we are good at, I think we’ll have a chance“, said Mayper.

On of the best players of Vukovi, Anthony “Tony” Washington, didn’t want to take individual credits after the victory in the semi-finals.

It was a good game. As player, you expect every championship game, or Final Four game to be something like this. They came out to play, we did have some turnovers, they have them, too, but at the end, we were victorious, and I’m glad I have a part in that success“, sad Washington.

His move in the semi-finals, when 15 seconds before the end of the 2nd quarters he caught the ball between two Blitz’s defenders, and turned around for 58 yard touchdown, was one of the best moments so far at Ledeni kvas IFAF Europe Champions League Final Four 2015, but American international says that no one should forget that American football is a team sport.

I just love to play this game, and that (play) was just – part of that game. Sometimes it comes out as I’ve wanted, sometimes it doesn’t. But, this is a team sport, and we played it together, we fought together, and we rallied together. Defense made some great stops, even when us in offense made some mistakes in the red zone. We have to reduce those mistakes in the finals. You can’t have them if you want to play for the title. And we want to“, said Tony Washington.

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