Belgrade SBB Vukovi (Serbia), Milan Seamen (Italy) and Budapest Wolves (Hungary) are playing in Conference Central of this years Champions League.

CL2016 Conference Central Schedule

Date Event Venue Article
2016-04-16 13:30:03April 16, 2016 Belgrade SBB Vukovi Vs Milan Seamen Stadion FK BASK


2016-05-08 14:00:10May 8, 2016 Budapest Wolves Vs Belgrade SBB Vukovi ELMŰ Sporttelep


2016-05-29 14:00:24May 29, 2016 Milan Seamen Vs Budapest Wolves Arena Civica di Milano



Belgrade SBB Vukovi were founded in 2003 and they are the second oldest club in Serbia. Vukovi hosted the 2015 Final Four. It’s interesting to mention that one of the Vukovi coaches was Reuben Droughns, Superbowl Champion. Vukovi had 23 championship appearances, where they won 14 titles. This will be the third year for Vukovi in the Champions League.

Belgrade will host Milan Seamen in April, while they will be headed to Budapest to play against the Wolves in May.


Milan Seamen was founded in 1981, however the team had a break from 1990-2009, when veterans reunited. Team chose Seamen as their name because the unity of the spirit in the boat go in the same direction. So far, Seamen won 2 Italian championships – both in the last 2 seasons.

This will be the first time for Milan to go to Belgrade, for the match scheduled in April. In late May, they will host Budapest Wolves.


The Budapest Wolves is the oldest, biggest and most trophy American football team in Hungary. Wolves highlight that American football is their passion, which leads to their goal of competing at the highest level in Europe. Wolves had 12 championship appearances, where they won 8 titles.

Budapest will host its first #CL2016 game in the first week of May against the Vukovi, while the away game against Milan is 3 weeks later.