After a very successful 2015 season, and an incredible Final Four, Champions League is gearing up for 2016 and is proud to welcome new and old participants, where the number of teams is at 13.

First, let’s take a quick trip down memory lane. CL2015 Champion are Carlstad Crusaders, after an exciting win over Belgrade SBB Vukovi [2x CL runner up]. Belgrade and Carlstad played against London Blitz and Thonon Black Panthers respectively in the Final Four before the championship game.

Champions League Final Four

Date Event Time/Results Competition Season Venue
2015-07-24 16:00:01July 24, 2015   London Blitz vs Belgrade SBB Vukovi 28 – 35 Champions League Final Four 2015 TC Vozdovac Stadion
2015-07-24 20:30:46July 24, 2015 Carlstad Crusaders vs Thonon Black Panthers 41 – 6 Champions League Final Four 2015 TC Vozdovac Stadion
2015-07-26 16:30:54July 26, 2015 Carlstad Crusaders vs Belgrade SBB Vukovi 84 – 49 Champions League Final Four 2015 TC Vozdovac Stadion

Newcomers for #CL2016 are Vejle Triangle Razorback, Prague Lions, Wroclaw Panthers [North]; Istanbul Koc Rams, St. Petersburg Griffins [East]; Budapest Wolves [Central]; and Novi Sad GAT Dukes, Vienna Danube Dragons, Lisbon Devils [South].

Conference North will be very interesting, as, it’s consisted of first-time CL participants – Triangle Razorbacks, Prague Lions and Wroclaw Panthers, while in Conference East – Istanbul Koc Rams and St.Petersburg Griffins will take on the current CL champion – Carlstad Crusaders. Belgrade SBB Vukovi will be going against familiar faces – where they will face Milan Seamen and Budapest Wolves in Conference Central. Conference South welcomes Novi Sad GAT Dukes, Vienna Danube Dragons and Lisbon Devils – who may have a tough time against a more CL experienced team – Istanbul Bogazici Sultans.

CL conferences, team pages and official visual for 2016 will be published soon, but before that, let’s take a look at the conference schedule:

16/17 April – Vejle Triangle Razorbacks vs Prague Lions
30 April – Wroclaw Panthers vs Vejle Triangle Razorbacks
15 May – Prague Lions vs Wroclaw Panthers

17 April – Istanbul Koç Rams vs St. Petersburg Griffins
30 April – Carlstad Crusaders vs Istanbul Koç Rams
14/15 May – St. Petersburg Griffins vs Carlstad Crusaders

16/17 April – Belgrade SBB Vukovi vs Milan Seamen
7/8 May – Budapest Wolves vs Belgrade SBB Vukovi
28 May – Milan Seamen vs Budapest Wolves

23 April – Novi Sad GAT Dukes vs Vienna Danube Dragons
23/24 April – Lisbon Devils vs Istanbul Boğaziçi Sultans
7/8 May – Vienna Danube Dragons vs Lisbon Devils
14/15 May – Istanbul Boğaziçi Sultans vs Novi Sad GAT Dukes

Conferences were assigned to teams based on the distance between all participating teams, whereas the possibility of some teams to travel via plane was taken into consideration.