IFAF Europe level 2 clinic hosted in Romania by FRFA (Romanian Federation of American Football) this past weekend was a success! Speakers Aitor Trabado and Giorgio Longhi were in Bucharest Sept 10-11.

Clinic was held downtown Bucharest at artificial grass regular soccer field located in a facility with hotel, restaurant, gym and easy to access from airport, central station and subway station.

 Next year we are celebrating 10 years of football in Romania and the presence of Aitor and Giorgio was like the cherry on top of our development that we are doing in Romania. What is the most important out of those 2 awesome days is that the kids loved it. We had 15+ kids ages between 10 and 15 that really embrace football and they are looking forward to see what challenges will the coaches give them and our focus will move to youth development in Romania.

I would like to thank Aitor Trabado, Giorgio Longhi and IFAF Europe for helping develop football in Romania as well as all the players, coaches and teams from Romania that are doing an awesome work here. And to the whole world I have a message: Football Lives in Romania – Razvan Matache, President of Romanian American Football Federation.