SBB Vukovi Beograd are an American football team from Belgrade, Serbia. After establishing in 2003, in just few years SBB Vukovi have become one of the best organized and most successful American football teams in Eastern Europe. Today SBB Vukovi are competing in SAAF Serbian Superleague and Central European Football League.

The interest in American football in Serbia grew rapidly after the first television broadcasts of NFL season in 2001. The first meetings of several people who threw football began in the summer of 2002 in Belgrade Ada Ciganlija. The number of new players each week increased, and at the end of the year was over 30 people. The club was officially founded in 14 January 2003, and was the second established American football club in Serbia. Shortly thereafter, all major cities in Serbia started with the establishment of new clubs. The first game was played in the spring of that year without helmets and shoulder pads, against the Kragujevac Wild Boars, which they won. During 2003, Vukovi played several informal games with teams from Serbia and all were defeated, while the number of players in the team has reached over 50. First Vukovi head coach was Igor Hoffmann.

First league game in Serbia was played in 2004 and 5 teams competed that year. This league was played without necessary equipment, pads and helmets. Final game was played on November, 7th, 2004. in Kragujevac on Čika Dača football field, where home team Kragujevac Wild Boars defeated Vukovi Beograd 21-6. Instead of a league in 2005, there was a cup held in Serbia. Ten teams took part in this competition. Final game was played in Belgrade on FK Obilić stadium on Jun, 19th 2005. and this time Vukovi defeated Wild Boars, 20-6.

In early 2006 a new club administration with the president Goran Nisavic, helped Vukovi to buy equipment. With three more teams from Serbia and one from Slovenia new SELAFLeague was established (later renamed the CEFL). Vukovi and Wild Boars have again reached the finals, which was played 8 October 2006 at the Radnicki Stadium in New Belgrade in front of 3,000 spectators. Serbian national anthem before the game is performed by famous actor Nikola Djuricko, and group Nightshift was performing at halftime. Kragujevac was better and won 23-12. Vukovi quarterback Andrej Tasic was proclaimed SELAF League offensive MVP,unfortunately he was injured in the semifinals and could not help the Vukovi to win title. During that season, several players are highlighted as team leaders in future, Tasic brothers, Petar Vitorovic, Ivan Ristic, Milos Todorovi and Milos Stanimirovic.

Before the start of 2007 season, a new domestic league SAFS was established. Ten teams competed, while competition in the CEFL increased, with the joining of Hungarian and Austrian teams. At the beginning of the year Vukovi got use of the new field with artificial grass at Ada Ciganlija. Team also got a new head coach Aleksandar Hadzi-Pavlovic, Serbian American who had the experience of playing at the college. Together with him in the team came another American, Briton Burge who became the starting quarterback while Andrej Tasic joined younger brother Pavle,at wide receiver position. It turned out as a winning combination. Vukovi lost only one game during the season and at the start of Novi Sad Dukes. In the semifinal match CEFL league, Vukovi defeated the Austrian team CNC Gladiators 28-3. Serbian national anthem is performed by Aleksandra Kovac, MTV Europe Music Awards winner.It was the first Vukovi Beograd game that is broadcast on national TV Avala. In the final at 27 October 2007 at Ada Ciganlija opponents were Budapest Wolves. Wolves are leading 27-13, 1:40 before the end, but Vukovi finishing in a memorable turn and managed to win Hungarians 28-27. Finals MVP was WR Pavle Tasic who caught 122 yards and TD. Vukovi are a week later won the title of the Serbian champions, beating Novi Sad Dukes 25-15 at Ada Ciganlija.

Before the start of 2008 season, head coach Aleksandar Hadzi Pavlovic and QB Briton Burge left the team, but two new Americans Jordan Green and William Blocker joined Vukovi, who had the feature player-coach. The season is well started for Vukovi, opponents have been falling in the order in SAFS Serbian league as well as CEFL Championship. But Vukovi first have lost in SAFS Serbian league finals of Kragujevac Wild Boars 38-31 and several months later in CEFL Bowl of CNC Gladiators 14-8 in Vienna. CEFL League MVPs was Vukovi QB Jordan Green and DB Ivan Nedeljkovic.

Two miserable defeats in the finals have made clear notice that is necessary for Vukovi to have a head coach next season. John D. Harper joined Vukovi,as a coach who has extensive experience coaching in Europe and has twice won Eurobowl with Bergamo Lions.Green and Blocker returned for next season, and in team came another American RB Brandon McDowell. Cineplexx Blue Devils of the Austrian Football League have joined CEFL, and since the beginning of the season everybody had already seen them with Vukovi in finals. In the regular season, in the first match in April in Ada Ciganlija Vukovi won 49-48 in 2nd overtime,after amazing game full of twists. In the second season match in September, Blue Devils were successful in Hohenems 35-20, Vukovi have experienced first defeat of the season. In the semi finals Vukovi won 28-13 over Ljubljana Silverhawks. In CEFL Bowl IV Vukovi were again met with the Blue Devils, beating them 39-20 more than convincing. It was the second CEFL title for Vukovi Beograd and the third consecutive season as Vukovi have not lost a match at home – Ada Ciganlija. Jordan Green was the MVP of the finals, and DE Milos Lisanin was CEFL defensive player of the year. In the newly formed Serbian SAAF Super League (after separation from the Serbian American football association – SAFS) Vukovi have easily won the title, beating Novi Sad Dukes in the finals 46-0. Brandon McDowell was the offensive MVP in the SAAF Super League.

Almost all players have been remained in the team for 2010 season, only William Blocker came back to United States,and Tony Stubbs,former starting safety for Kansas Jayhawks football joined Vukovi. One of the biggest additions in history of American football in Europe was the arrival of former NFL star Reuben Droughns as Vukovi assistant coach.

Vukovi have started the season with a preseason game (with future Austrian Football League champions) Danube Dragons, and lost in an exciting finish 30-27. Season continues with games in the SAAF Serbian Superleague and in the Central Football European League. Vukovi were dominant, they have not lost a single game throughout the season. In SAAF Serbian Superleague title game,they won beating Novi Sad Dukes 40-2 in Ada Ciganlija. League MVP was returnee QB/WR Andrej Tasic. In CEFL Bowl V held in Ljubljana 18 July 2010, Vukovi are playing excellent and defeated Ljubljana Silverhawks 42-20 and won a third CEFL championship. For the second time DE Milos Lisanin is chosen for Defensive MVP of league.

Despite successful season,at the beginning of 2011, head coach John Harper was replaced by Rex Stevenson. Switch in generations took place before the start of the season. Vukovi have lost approximately 10 starters. Also, at the beginning of the season, Vukovi best all around player Andrej Tasic retired from playing. Defense leaders LB Milos Todorovic and FS Ivan Ristic are also retired before the start of the season. Vukovi promoted their assistant coach to interim head coach Reuben Droughns, since new head coach, Rex Stevenson, was fired after just one game . Vukovi brought in new American qurtarback Vinnie Miroth (formerUniversity of Tennessee at Chattanooga quarterback), and many new players came up from junior team and other Serbian teams. Other American players, McDowell and Stubbs remained with the team in 2011.

Two Serbian federations were reunited after a two-year break, making the SAAF Serbian Superleague a lot harder competition in 2011. Before the season, the Vukovi were not considered favorites to win the championship. Big problems with injuries have further weakened the team during the season. However, the Vukovi were able to record only one loss in the CEFL league regular season (from Ljubljana Silverhawks) and one loss in the SAAF Serbian Superleague regular season (from the biggest rival Kragujevac Wild Boars).

After the victory over the Pancevo Panthers in the semifinals of SAAF Serbian Superleague, Vukovi advanced to the finals which was played in Kragujevac. Vukovi have played one of the best games in the history of the team,and won 51-36 over Kragujevac Wild Boars. The MVP of the finals was Bratislav Bosnjak, who came before the start of the season from Pancevo Panthers.Vinnie Miroth played great all season, and was named CEFL league offensive MVP and also CEFL finals offensive MVP. Vukovi once again won CEFL Bowl, beating in another exciting final Budapest Wolves 34-33 in Budapest. Vukovi Beograd remained undefeated in their home grounds, stadium at Ada Ciganlija for the fifth straight season.

Before the start of the season Vukovi promoted their new head coach Sean Embree, a coach with experience at Denver Broncos and Colorado Buffaloes. Reuben Droughnsremained with the team as defensive coordinator. Once again, team had a change of generations and also many new players from other Serbian teams joined in. RB Brandon McDowell extended his contract and the team brought the new quarterback Lance Kriesien (Northern Arizona University).

On 13 March 2012, the biggest Serbian cable network Serbia Broadband became the main sponsor, and the team changed its name to SBB Vukovi Beograd.

After winning the national title against their fiercest rival the Wild Boars once again, Vukovi lost the CEFL finals against Ljubljana Silverhawks with 34-21. It was their first ever loss on home grounds at Ada Ciganlija.

Player awards went to linebacker Nemanja “Scholes” Lazarevic who was voted as Serbian Superleague defensive MVP. Wide receiver Filip Stojanovic received Superleague offensive MVP award. Lance Kriesien was voted as MVP of the Serbian finals and he also got award for best CEFL offensive player in 2012.

In season 2013 Vukovi have signed again head coach Sean Embree. Reuben Droughns could not come back due to personal reasons. Vukovi had new additions in the coaching cadre getting respectable domestic coaches to help out Embree – Blazo Bojic, Igor Ilic, Bogdan Djurdjevic, Nick Zivkovic and Petar Vitorovic. Team was almost the same as in the previous season with couple of new additions such as national team players Josovic, Vezmar and Stanojev. Lance Kriesen was the QB again for the Vukovi and the two new players were brought in, receiver Tony Washington (Sacramento State University) and linebacker/db Paul Wright (Central Washington University)

2013 season will be remembered as one of the most dominant Vukovi performances both in the CEFL and Serbian Superleague up to date. Vukovi won both CEFL and Serbian Superleague finals with one game vs Kragujevac Wild Boars. Since both teams qualified for both finals, they decided to play one game in Belgrade and Vukovi won 42-0. Vukovi went undefeated 15-0 in that season. Lance Kriesen got offensive MVP awards together with newcomer runningback Mihailo Josovic as a best domestic player while defensive MVP was Milos Lisanin again in both CEFL and SAAF.

SBB Vukovi have signed a new coach, Kirk Mastromateo, long time offensive coordinator from Bethune Cook University and Norfolk State University. Also, change in quarterback happened, Vukovi signed Shaun Rutherford from Texas State University. Besides Rutherford, Vukovi brought in Dextrell Simmons from Boise State and second year returner, receiver Tony Washington.

SBB Vukovi applied for IFAF Europe Champions League, new continental European Competition. This was one of the reason why two of the best ever domestic Vukovi players, WR/QB Andrej Tasic and OL Petar Vitorovic decided to come out of retirement. They’ve won domestic championship once again, by defeating Wild Boars 27-17, they won CEFL by defeating Ljubljana Silverhawks 27-17, and even played for Champions League title, but lost the finals against Helsinki Roosters by 36-29, with touchdown in closing moments of the game.

Vukovi entered season 2015 with new head coach, Brian Mayper, and new, pretty much young team, as many leaders gave their long-time places to new talents.

We are excited to host the Final 4 in Belgrade and to bring American Football to Eastern Europe. It is by far the greatest team sport and the fans will love the 3 games played that weekend. The competition is fierce and shall prove to be a challenge to all. We are counting down the days to kick off and to see who is the best team in Europe!“, said Brian Mayper.