News for American Football in Europe

  • Carli Lloyd wants to break barriers for women: from making history in football to the NFL

Men’s sport? This expression, which is so common in too many circles, is becoming increasingly meaningless. But tell Billie Jean-King that she won ‘the Battle of the Sexes’; Katherine Switzer, who the organizers tried to push out of the Boston Marathon in 1967 and ended up finishing the race; or Hassiba Boulmerka, who was the second Muslim to win an Olympic medal and was persecuted for running in short trousers and braces.

The basketball or the football, as two of the major sports of the world, have also been listed as a male, even though many players have been highlighted and include both in the one and the other discipline. Lisa Leslie, considered the best basketball player in history, was the first to make a mate in a regulatory basket in an official match. While in football, names like Marta, Alex Morgan, or Ada Hegerberg win more and more adherents.

One of these footballers who broke down barriers and managed to make an important place in the world of sport and football, in particular, is Carli Lloyd. The American was born in New Jersey on July 16, 1982, and his 37-year-old can boast an outstanding track record, including in his achievements two gold medals at the Olympic Games and two World Championships with the US team, in addition to a Ball of Gold (2015) and The Best (2016).

  • The Spaniard J. J. Arcega, from Zaragoza to make history in the NFL: the beginning of a legend

José Joaquín Arcega-Whiteside (22 years old, Zaragoza) made history last April when he was selected in the second round of the NFL Draft, number 57, by the Philadelphia Eagles. Better known as J. J. in the United States-despite his surnames on his shirt-the Spaniard begins his first campaign in the Football League and does so after scoring very good numbers in the preseason.

Before being drafted, J. J. Arcega was considered by experts to be one of the largest receivers. His name crossed borders and has become the second Spaniard to play the NFL, as Alejandro Villanueva has been there for several years.

It was in the preseason that the Spaniard began to stand out in his team. In the game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Baltimore Ravens, he got his first touchdown as an NFL player, but in the match is not official yet, and ended up being one of the highlights of the franchise in Pennsylvania thanks to his eight receptions and 104 yards.

  • NFL player Antonio Brown announces his withdrawal after being charged with rape

Antonio Brown announces his retirement at age 31. The recipient has communicated it through his Twitter account after nine years as a professional NFL player. Brown began his professional career at the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2010. Problems with his partner Ben Roethlisberger caused him to put an end to his stage in Pennsylvania. In March 2019, he was traded to the Oakland Raiders as the best-paid recipient of the American Football League.

But neither caught on in the whole of California. His problems of indiscipline and failure to accept the team changes caused the board to terminate his contract. Just a few hours later, The New England Patriots signed him for a season and $ 15 million.

Brown has been clear in his statement about his situation: “I will no longer play in the NFL. These owners can cancel contracts, do whatever they want. We’ll see if the NFLPA’s responsibility. Sad they can cancel guaranteed money. These owners can cancel the agreements whenever they want, it’s sad that they don’t respect the guarantees. We’ll see if they pay 40 million.”