Serbia To Host Balkan Bowl

Serbia To Host Balkan Bowl

This weekend, Serbia will be hosting the the Balkan Bowl, international flag football tournament. For the first time, female national team (senior level) and male U-16 national team of Serbia will be hosts of teams from Italy, Bulgaria and Slovenia.

The event will take place in the city of Novi Sad under the Serbian Association of American Football – SAAF.

Balkan Bowl gives us the opportunity to have our players play against other selections, so we can see where we stand as a team. This will be the first competition for our women’s team as well. Also, Slovenian national team members are really excited about the upcoming tournament. Players are motivated, they are coming from five different Slovenian teams. Balkan Bowl will be their first tournament to play together as a part of the national team” – says Jernej Pavlič, Slovenian Tigers head coach.

Darko Štabler, head coach of the serbian flag football team is concise: “The whole story that accompanies the formation of our youngest selection exudes positive energy, and the existence of the National Flag Football Team is in itself already a great success. I would not predicting the results and anticipations of the Balkan Bowl, we have assembled a selection of outstanding young athletes and invite fans to come in large numbers, to provide support to these guys and enjoy in the game.

AFC “Wild Dogs” of Novi Sad will be the technical host and will provide all assistance in the organization of the Balkan Bowl.

The tournament will be played by IFAF flag football rules, at a single indoor field, with two referees on the field. Playing time: 2×15 minutes, 2 minute warning, 1 timeout of 1 minutes  per half.


Program, Sunday, 23th of November


08.00: Arrival of teams on field08.30: Introducement of teams and competition09.00: Start of the tournament of 4 nation U1609.00-13.55: Tournament of 4 nation U1614.00-16.25: Female flag football games16.30: Tournament  final game of 4 nation U16

17.20: Tournament  final game of female flag

18.20: Winner announcements


09.00-09.45:  Nat. team Serbia : Tigers  team of Slovenia Boys U1609.50-10.35:  Nat. team Slovenia : Nat. team Bulgaria Boys U1610.40-11.25: Nat. Team Serbia : Renzide team of Italy Females11.30-12.15:  Nat. team Serbia : Nat. team Bulgaria Boys U1612.20-13.05: Tigers  team of Slovenia : Nat. team Slovenia Boys U1613.10-13.55: Renzide team of Italy : Tigers team of Slovenia Females

14.00-14.45:  Nat. team Serbia : Nat. team Slovenia Boys U16

14.50-15.35:  Tigers team of Slovenia : Nat. team Bulgaria Boys U16

15.40-16.25: Nat. Team Serbia : Tigers  team of Slovenia Females


FINAL GAME of 4 nation U16:   16.30-17.15

FINAL GAME of female flag football:  17.20-18.05