WEC2015: All Star WEC 2015 Tournament Team

WEC2015: All Star WEC 2015 Tournament Team

WEC2015 Final Tournament was hosted in Maracena [Granada], Spain, earlier this month. All teams showed great athleticism, as well as sportsmanship.

For scores and standings, please go to our Women’s European Championship page. Game recaps and stats can be found in the News section, under the tag WEC2015.

During the press conferences, ladies agreed on one thing – The experience of playing in the first ever Women’s European Championship is irreplaceable.

Growing Women’s section of American football in Europe is one of IFAF Europe missions.

All Star WEC 2015 Tournament Team

  • Offense
  • Defense
  • Special Teams
61 GB Laura Dye (OL)
77 FIN Mirva Honkonen (OL)
59 AUT Patricia Pospisil (OL)
78 GER Birgit Schwenk (OL)
74 SWE Patricia Rosenthal (OL)
85 GER Daniela Menge (TE)
2 ESP Allison Francis Rodriguez Vivas (WR)
8 FIN Paula Lehtinen (WR)
21 GB Ruth Matta (RB)
20 FIN Jenni Linden (RB)
87 FIN Jenni Wahlberg (QB)
9 ESP Carol Casamitjana Correas (DL)
52 FIN Elina Seppälä (DL)
92 GER Jessica Öhmke (DL)
41 FIN Elina Kero (LB)
16 GB Phoebe Schecter (LB)
21 AUT Vanessa Döring (LB)
50 GER Ariane Parusel (LB)
5 FIN Marfa Raipela (DB)
1 SWE Emma Benndorf (DB)
22 GB Nancy Stone (DB)
25 GB Joanne Mann (DB)
46 GB Jayne Goodliffe (K)
12 AUT Christina Haberditz (P)

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