WEC2015 Details Released, Host City Changed To Granada

WEC2015 Details Released, Host City Changed To Granada

Women’s European Championship 2015 will be hosted in Spain, Aug 1st-9th. Originally, WEC2015 would be hosted in La Nucia, but IFAF Europe committee granted the green light to slight changes that Spanish Federation asked for.

Host city has been changed to the city of Granada for more reasons. Besides the fact that La Nucia is having field issues and the field might not be ready for the kickoff, the change turned out to be even better – both for teams and fans. Being that Granada is a bigger city, it has 2 international airports nearby where low-cost companies fly into (Granada and Malaga). Change also allows WEC2015 to have more available seats at the stadium which is better than the original one. Also, accommodation is leveled up.

It’s important to mention that IFAF Europe decided on the team rankings as well. 5 national teams are automatically qualified for the WEC2015. Decision is based on team participation in WEC2010 and WEC2013.

5 qualified teams are team Austria, Finland, Germany, Spain and Sweden. Who is taking the remaining 6th spot will be decided after the qualification game between Great Britain and Russia.

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